Monday, October 4, 2010

Japanese potato chip commercial

Tell me what you think about this. Its some crazy Japanese chip commercial and even though I don't understand what they are saying, it always cracks me up :P.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Sound of Thunder Film Review

This is a film review I did for a movie called A Sound of Thunder recently in school.

An author loved by many is badly represented in this film. A Sound of Thunder, a story fascinated by many, has been changed and this change was for the worse. The story is changed from the suspenseful events that keep you guessing in the original story to an action packed film that’s special effects are a little too cheesy for such a recent film.

            The storyline goes like this: A new company called Time Safari inc. just opened up where they take people into the past using a time machine and have the people shoot a dinosaur. But there is a very specific way of how you have to go about doing everything. And one day when something goes wrong (which turns out to be one of the people killing a butterfly from the past) they return to the future to find it slowly changing to a world that is not their own. Mr. Travis with the help of the other safari guides go back into the past to try and fix whatever it was that they did wrong.

            Although the producers of the movie changed a lot of the end of the movie, they kept a lot of the exposition the same. For example the name of the company, Time Safari Inc., is the same and the safari head, Mr. Travis, is also the same. There were also some pretty major differences such as dinosaurs coming into the future and how there were different safari guides besides Mr. Travis.

            Some things I would have done different was try and leave out the parts with the very unrealistic looking backgrounds and animated cars. I would also leave out the part with the guy who went on the safari with Eckels going crazy and shooting himself.

            In conclusion, due to its lack in special effects and overall cheesy storyline, I would not recommend this time. The book however was decent, give it a look!